Why blog, music I’m into lately, my prose-poetry thought/experiment…


Right now I am blogging as a means of thinking out loud. Every have one of those days when thoughts seem to be storming from every direction really fast? Racing thoughts. Plus, sometimes caffeine has a stronger than usual effect, plus, actually I got a good night’s sleep last night! And so right now I’m writing this blog because I want to share my thoughts but I don’t want to obtrude by sending any one person a text or an email or a DM on this or that social media platform – though I admit right now to intense feelings of wanting to have some good personal one on ones with people.


: 1) Bob Dylan’s most recent song

16 minute song! An epic! In my view the song is also interestingly maxiamalistic. I think Dylan has seen the evolving cultural and artistic ethos as it has seemed to move from the postmodern to the maximalistic? I say it is maxiamlistic not only because of it is exceptionally long but because there’s a lot of listing of names of songs and people and just a lot of information and I think one aspect of maximalism (see for example David Foster Wallace as perhaps one of the best examples?) is GRAPPLING WITH INFORMATION OVERLOAD by striving simply to identify deluges of information and sort out information sources and thoughts/feelings associated with such sources. It’s I believe, the inevitable reflection of such a information age/ and also very digital (especially in the midst of social distancing where we now live online on our laptops, computers, tablets, cellphones, et cetera…)

Anyone with thoughts on this, I’d love to know what you think. Also, two fascinating books on maximalism I’ve been reading which I recommend for anyone with interest in the concept:

  1. The Maximalist Novel: From Thomas Pynchon’s Gravity’s Rainbow to Roberto Bolano’s 2666 by Stefano Ercolino (a fascinating scholar, intellectual, literary critic, thinker, who has written a lot in the past about genre theory; he is “Assistant Professor of Comparative Literature at Yonsei University’s Underwood International College (Seoul, Korea); he’s quite a gentleman. I’ve actually reached out to him a few months ago and he was responsive and polite and helpful!)

b). Maximalism in Contemporary American Literature: The Uses of Detail by Nick Levey I’m less familiar with him since this book is his first that I’ve read.

2) “Turn This Around” by The String Cheese Incident – a jam band.


As my reading list might in part suggest (as well as the crisis of  determining which self expression medium I want to focus on) I’m interested in genre. In fact, recently I read my first ever dissertation, which was written by my professor Dr. John Parras, which is on the question of genre as pertains to both poetry and prose.

The experiment I’m currently engaged in is a notion of prose poetry which as opposed to the more conventionally “blurring” of the two, so that it reads almost like neither, I’m interested in combing more conventional poetry (rhyme) with generous and elaborate footnotes written in prose so that as opposed to a blur, what we get is more of a in and out and in and out of both distinct poetry and distinct prose.

I think the best example of where I’ve seen this thus far or at least as I’m thinking of it now is with Gloria Anzaldua.

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