Walking helps me meditate.


My thoughts: streaming, roaming, like wind, or birds flying.


No obligations… except to walk, and meditate.


The sky, a sheet of blank white paper.


I wish it would snow.


Yes, let winter arrive early!


Make it colder.


Cold air, so blunt, stimulating, ordering me to feel its intensity, like masterpiece art work or extra dry gin, and refreshing, like pure cranberry juice (without any added sugar) from the refrigerator, or like waking up late after a much needed, long night of sleep, and exciting too, like the first French kiss in series, igniting my nerves.


At least the air this afternoon chills enough to repel the gnats, and mosquitoes.


Autumn’s rustic bouquets blooming…I wish I could walk through its maze all day.


The air’s force, when it gusts, feels like God’s blessing, an extract of pure benevolence,

a grandparent’s kiss.

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