Once a lover of sweltering heat, humidity, palm trees, thunderstorms and the sea, now I prefer the freezing cold, blizzards, mountains, hills, meadows and prairies.


The way we can and sometimes do evolve fascinates me- like watching the seasons in temperate climate zones change, watching people age, fire burning wood into ash and smoke.


My tall piles of Ayn Rand books- I now mostly disregard… now the book piles closest to my desk and to my bed include Fyodor Dostoevsky, Marcel Proust, Michel de Montaigne, Elissa Washuta, Simon Ortiz and Denise Levertov.


I no longer knock on doors for Libertarian or Republican candidates; now I donate money to the Democratic ones; I write to and call elected officials.


I spend more time reflecting on the plight of the non-white, heterosexual male.


I learned that eliminating “to be,” “to have,” and other linking verbs improves writing.


If I want to write about something readers might find tedious, like taxes, I may want to include how a given tax policy impacts taxpayers.


I want to be a poet– a prose poet– who writes about things holistically, with a conscience, and embraces brevity/succinctness/compression


My college education has changed me…

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