Sean O’Connor is an independent candidate for NJ Assembly in the 14th district which consists of Hamilton, Robbinsville, East Windsor, Hightstown, Cranbury, Plainsboro, Spotswood, Monroe, and Jamesburg.


Unlike the Republicans, and the incumbent Democrats, who cater only to special interest groups, and only seek to increase taxes, spend more of our money, and tell us how to live our lives, Sean O’Connor, and his running mates Steve Uccio, and Don DeZarn want to improve the quality of life for all New Jerseyans.



The top issue in New Jersey is the astronomically high property taxes. Neither the Republican nor the Democratic candidates have a solution to the problem. The Republicans want to cap increases, and the Democrats want to play number games by transferring some of the property tax rate to the income tax rate. Sean O’Connor, and his running mates actually want to lower property taxes, and do so without increasing any other taxes.


They have a simple 4 step plan.

1) Have all local governments freeze spending and tax rates

2) Eliminate all unfunded mandates that the state imposes on local government

3) Identify and cut wasteful spending

4) Have the counties absorb all local governments into one governing body.

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